2-4: Proactive Planning

Who plans, wins.

The motto of the British SAS is “who dares, wins.” But daring is only half of the equation. And besides, you already dared. You bought this course, and you’re in the fight.

You’re going to need to plan, and plan well. There’s a metric crapload of information to digest in this course. And that’s on top of everything else in your life. It’s liable to become an avalanche.

If you’re not already using some kind of planner or calendar, you must start. This is critical to overcoming anxiety, too.

Further, unrecorded tasks can float around in your subconscious. They block things – like your peace of mind. And we’re trying to beat anxiety here, remember?

So make lists. And cross stuff off when it’s done.

If you need more specifics, Brian Tracy has good ideas. But there a lot of systems, and ultimately, you’re going to have to figure out what you like, and what gets you to achieve your daily, weekly, and lifelong goals.

I prefer a paper planner for most of my tasks. Writing things down commits them to the conscious part of the brain, at least for a while. So I have it in my conscious AND on paper if I need backup.

For more granular tasks, I use Freedcamp. I also have notebooks for when I need to link abstract ideas.

You don’t have to go that crazy. I think using your journal or post-it notes is a good start. But having a single, dedicated notebook, planner, or planning app is best.


If you don’t have one already, find a paper planner, a notebook, or an app that helps you track what you need to do. You can use your journal if you’re in a pinch.

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