3-1: Overview of Unit 3 – Making yourself invincible

The next big goal comes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grandmaster Rickson Gracie. He said,

“Sometimes, you don’t have to win. You cannot win. But that’s not the same thing as losing.”

Image result for rickson gracie
Grandmaster Rickson (pronounced “Hickson”) Gracie

Your goal in Unit 3 is to become invincible against CPPS’ attacks. Master these techniques and you won’t be completely clear of CPPS symptoms, but you will make it so CPPS can never smash you to the ground again.

That’s part of the philosophy behind Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, too. If you can learn and habitualize patterns that make it so you can never be knocked out or tapped out, your opponent can never beat you.

You might not be able to knock them out or tap out your opponent yet, either. But NOT LOSING comes first. To WIN, you must first NOT LOSE.

In this unit we’ll cover meditation, self-massage, sleep, go deeper into resolving your fears, and explore improving your quality of life through fun and relationships – even when you’re strapped for cash and time. All of these are key to maintaining your balance.

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