4-5: What if this CPPS crap comes back?

That happens. In fact, it probably will happen, at some point.

It happened to me again. In March of 2019, we’d been largely stuck inside for a month due to sub-zero temperatures. I was unemployed and our money was always a tough subject. Then I got called for jury duty. I was made to sit in a room, unable to look for a job – or do much of anything.

So, as you can guess, sitting plus anxiety brought it back. For a few days.

I reviewed my training. I resumed massaging – which I hadn’t done in nearly a year! I renewed my commitment to let go. I did my stretching and meditating and journaling like always.

And it got better. Within days.

Curing vs. Prevention

Almost nobody pays for prevention. Joseph Sugarman, the marketing millionaire behind Blue Blocker sunglasses, said you can’t even position products as a “preventative.” Only “cures” sell. For instance, you have to get sunburned before you’ll buy sunscreen. And spam-blocker apps sell really well once telemarketers get your phone number.

I made that mistake with CPPS. I knew about mobility training via Katy Bowman before I ever got pelvic trouble. But I didn’t do her stretches and exercise. I had started frequent walks – but that was because I had lower back pain from sitting at work.

You’ll make mistakes even when you know better. So don’t judge yourself some kind of failure. Use the opportunity to reassess. Find the good in the situation.

Some trouble in your life made you worry, and your movement habits weren’t as strong as they were before. Good. This will teach you to get back to those habits.

Punch out CPPS again, and keep moving forward. You’ll probably see it again at some point. It’s just one more victory for your record, waiting to happen.


  1. Review what the cause of your anxiety is
  2. Let go of what you can’t control
  3. Be thankful for the problem, as it makes you stronger
  4. Review what massage and stretching helped you before
  5. Get your walks! Even if it really is 30 below
  6. Recommended: Don’t live in Minnesota
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