4-7: Habits for the rest of your life

The following habits should be done daily:

  1. Start the day with your affirmations.
  2. Remind yourself that the universe is out of your control. You’re only in control of yourself. (If you’re a believer, this is the time to remind yourself that God is in control).
  3. Stretch in the morning.
  4. Take at least one long walk. If you want to recover faster, take shorter walks, too.
  5. Practice mind control and deep breathing to keep your mind in check.
  6. End your day by planning the next day, journaling (Morning and Evening Rituals), and meditating for at least 5 minutes.
  7. Get quality sleep. If you can’t, plan the next day so your sleep will be better.

And once/week:

  1. Plan something fun, preferably where you’ll see your male friends.
  2. Plan exercise, if you don’t have a routine to go back to. Do whatever exercise you will actually do.

And once/month:

Plan a bigger adventure – with your wife, girlfriend, a friend, or friends. Get away from your house and your workplace. Eat somewhere new. Hike a new park. Run a new race. Explore a new museum.